Perfect Performers


Gabrielsen Farms consists of 5 acres of greenhouses under cover at two locations, Jamesport and Aquebogue, New York.

We are a family run operation, farming on Long Island since the 1800’s and growing beautiful flowers for over 50 years.

We are currently transitioning our greenhouse facilities to “growing green” by using an integrated pest management program where we release beneficial insects which help eradicate undesirable insects. This drastically reduces our pesticide usage.

All of the vegetables and herbs produced by Gabrielsen Farms are grown pesticide free along with using organic fertilizers to ensure our customers are getting a quality plant for their garden.

Our company leads the way, enabling the production of clean and safe vegetable plants and ornamental crops.  We have cut our energy consumption in half with the installation of energy curtains throughout our growing facilities and have installed computer systems to carefully monitor the greenhouse environment.  We have also installed large water tanks to recycle water and fertilizers to help protect our ground water.

We are very excited with the addition of two students from the Riverhead High School research team who have joined our growing facility.  Responsibilities include collecting data, monitoring and releasing beneficial insects, and doing research to help our strong commitment  to ornamental sustainability and development necessary to create beautiful flowers for you, the consumer.

So much has changed since our family began farming on Long Island in the 1800’s, but change can be a good thing.  From our long ago family to our future family, we are committed to sustainable farming that will help keep our crops safe, clean, and healthy creating a beautiful environment for all to enjoy.

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